subota, 30. travnja 2011.

Celebrity and Flowers!

Taylor Swift-love her dress and hair :)

Ashley-great combination.

Miley Cyrus

I adore this look.Her dress is so prety.

Formal dress :)

Love this dress also :*

Pixie Lott-Perfet

Selena Gomez

Again Taylor

And ofc Vanessa-Perfect

Vanessa Hudgens

With love

Monte Carlo :)

Can't wait to see it. :))

Synopsis: A young woman (Gomez), her uptight step sister (Leighton Meester) and her best friend (Katie Cassidy) use their savings for a long anticipated dream trip to Paris, which turns out to be a big disappointment. When they decide to take a break from their lousy tour and duck into the lobby of a luxury hotel, one of them is mistaken for a spoiled British heiress. Before they get the chance to reveal their true identities they are wrapped up in misadventures during a vacation to Monte Carlo instead.

Here is a  Monte Carlo Trailer

petak, 29. travnja 2011.

Summer night look :)

Black :)
It is saturday and you are going out but you don't know what to wear.So here is simply clothes for ideal  look.Black and white dress, black blazer, clack shoes and bag :).
Hope I helped :)

With love
Ena ♥

četvrtak, 28. travnja 2011.

Nails :)

My nails :)
Here are some pictures of nails that I found on interet.I like them all,I would love to have nails like this.Hope you like it!

Sponge Bob!

I once had somethig like this :)

Brasil !


Zebra print

These are my favourit!

srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

Made by me :)

 This ring I made a few monts ago for my friend.I really like and my friend was thrilled.
Also this on my head is made by me :)I wear it almost everyday,and like always red nail-polis on my nails :D

Do you like it? Be free to coment :)

With love

Angel in disguise ♥

Sunceee :)

Denim shirt.

I felt happy when sun came out!

Again my old watch!
Kada sam se probudila napolju je bilo tmurno, i da sam se ja pitala ne bih uopste izlazila iz kuce ali nazalost tu je skola:/.Razmisljala sam sta cu obuci a da mi nebude hladno!Onda sam zavirila u mamin ormar i nasla ovaj stari sakoic koji je jako debeo i topao.U glavi sam sklopila neku kombinaciju i bila sam spremna, ali kada sam izasla de se slikam sunce je usijalo.Tako sam se obradovala te sam na kraju u skolu otisla u ovoj kombinaciji al bez sakoica.
Kao sto vidite napravila sam pletenicu ali to nije klasicna pletenica, evo pronasla sam link da i vi mozete sebi ovako napraviti.
Nadam se da cete imati ugodan dan.

 Pletenica :

S ljubavlju
Ena :)

My top 6 from ZARA!

Beautiful spring colors :)

My favourite PINK! :)

Love the boots :)

Elegant flowers!
PINK again :)

 These 6 outfits are my favourite ever from ZARA :).I like them all.
The  outfits are so simple and wearabl.It is really comfortable for this kind of weather.
Colors are so nice you can match it with everything.

Do you like the Zara ?


nedjelja, 24. travnja 2011.

From Prada to Nada !!

This is a great movie I just watched, so I decide to recomend you dear readers :)
Here is a Trailer for this movie.

Hope you like it

With love

Ena !

subota, 23. travnja 2011.

DIY necklace!

This is a cool DIY for a  necklace :)
I really like it and I will try to make something like this .

Also here is a cool page with great pictures
 Hope you enjoy it!!

Ena :)

9 ways to wear a scarf!

Few days ago I found this link.It is really cool and helpful.

Enjoy it!

With love

Ena :)

srijeda, 20. travnja 2011.

Red, colour of love ♥

This is me trying to jump :)

Hi guys!!
This is my RED look.I love it basiclly because my hat. I'm not a fan of red colour but mostly I wear red :).I wish that the days in Tuzla were warmer so I could wear a skirt
Pictures were taken on my balcony :)
Hope you like it!!

With love
Ena :)