srijeda, 29. lipnja 2011.


I never put fashiolista on my blog so I decided to do it today :)
Tell me do you like my list??

‘Lisbon Summer Wishlist’ | Fashiolista

‘Lisbon Summer Wishlist’ | Fashiolista 

četvrtak, 9. lipnja 2011.

Bye bye Tuzla ♥

Finally school will finish today...truly can't wait.
Tomorrow I will go in Sarajevo to my cousin, and I won' be here for 2 weeks..
Hope I will miss you :D

In this post I wanted to show you my new perfume... So here is it

Njegova kompozicija bazira se na notama belog cveća, polegnutog na drvenu osnovu. Uključuje arome bergamota, Damascena ruže, jasmina, ekstrakt tamjana, esencije pačulija i tonku.

It is really good perfume :))
Here is a song for you and see you in few weeks 

Stay Classy

petak, 3. lipnja 2011.

I forgot to tell you that I won't be here few day because of scool! :/
Sadly I have to study..It is almost end of school soo ....
Have a nice weekend....
And here is one cute picture :P

 In newer posts I will show you my new perfume!!And some new looks...
But you can always hype old ones!

Stay Classy

Pixie ♥

 She is born on born 12 January 1991.Can you believe it .She is so young.
And here are some really nice picture of Pixie Lott with floral detail :)
She is so lovely and love her songs!
Here is her official web page ....I like all clothes on her!!!FLORAL...

FOUND ON:Just jared jr

And here are some of her hit I love them do you ??And there are much more songs but I love this 3 :)