utorak, 28. lipnja 2011.

Back !!!

Well I am back :)
Sarajevo is beautiful city .... with lots of shopping markets :)
And with lots of places to co out :)) .... I really had great time, can't wait to repeat it.
Problem was I didn't brought a lot of money  so soon I went broke :/
But I managed to buy some stuff :))
Well here they are :
This book I bought in Konzum and it costed about 2,5€   

Glasses are H&M ,I bought them in store called Tiffany .They costed 5
I adore them can't explain how lovely they are :) 

 And the owl ring :)..I was looking for this ring quite a long time and finally I found it ....
He costed obout 3 ....

So what so you think ??

With love

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  1. hehe..imamo isti prsten,ja sam se iznenadila kako su u Kozmu popravili ponudu nakita, baš se može super komada uloviti :D

  2. ma predivan je ... obozavam ga al ja sam svoj kupila u cm-u :))

  3. Nisam vidjela ovaj prstencic u cm-u, sutra idem da ga potrazim!

  4. ima dosta lijepih prstencica ali nazalost ostala sam svorc :/

  5. ma i mislila sam na Cm nego miješam to dvoje uvijek!


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