petak, 30. studenoga 2012.

Tally :)

Hi everyone :)
 I just got a message from Tally Weijl and here is what they told me ...

From this Saturday on they’re starting  X-mas Competition which will be based on the idea of the Advent Calendar!

To spoil TALLY WEiJL fans and customers they created the Magical X-mas Calendar and each day you will have a chance to get a new, totally A-mazing promotion!
It’s gonna be TALLY countdown to X-mas!
So be sure to check out and get ready to be suprised ... cuz I am :) 
Just keep on mind that the competition is not online yet.....

Stay Classy my lovely followers 
With love ,

Ena ...

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  1. That's good news from them, Ena!
    THanks for sharing. :)

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  2. Pratim te :)<3

  3. Draga da li ovi vauceri mogu da se iskoriste u svim TALLY WEiJL radnjama,bilo gde? :****


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