četvrtak, 5. lipnja 2014.

My new keyboard :) Kidecals

Hello my dear readers,
Today is all about Kidecals. I am presenting this cool site with a lot of cool stuff.
So keep reading or just look at pictures :) .

This cute keyboard stickers came few day ago and I just love them. They give my laptop girlish vibe, I mean just looke at them it so cute .
At kidecals.com you can find a lot of  cute girl labels, and the best thing is they shipp to our country .
They have a lots of  labels for you organised freaks :) .
So be sure to check out the site, and let me know did you found anything for yourself.

Stay Classy,

3 komentara:

  1. They are super cool!!!! :D Love it!
    visit me soon on http://pearlinfashion.blogspot.com

  2. so great idea:)
    please visit me in free time

  3. Preslatko je, zaista :)



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