srijeda, 18. svibnja 2011.

Flats,flats and flats

Hi readers !!

Summer is coming and finally I can wear flats.I'm not very into high heels but I have 100 pair of flats I trully adore them,and also they are popular this summer so I decide to make a post about them :)
My favourite are with bow , big or small I don' t care 
Do you like flats and what are your favourite ?? !

                                Everything is about flats!!



Channel flats!

Heart flats 
Black Channel flats

Floral with a bow :)

One of my favourite.

Love this truly

Cute one :)

Grrr :)

Pradaa.... like them alsoo

Sailor flats :) trendi

From FOKI :)

That is ART!!

Colorful :)

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  1. Obožavam baletanke... Sve mi se sviđaju!:D

  2. volim od svi broj 40 :))))
    obozavam baletanke!

  3. Ja ne volim da nosim baletanke, ali su mi prelepe! pogotovu ove bele i crne Prada. :))

  4. ja sam trenutno luda za onim kao gumenim baletankicama,predivne suuu


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